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Jila Davoodi, Artist/Art Instructor

The city where I was born, Isfahan (Esfahan), has been one of the most architectural and art embracing cities in Iran since the early 16th century. Having been around historic murals, handcrafts, paintings, and architecture which were unbelievably beautiful and meaningful I became interested in the arts in my early childhood. I took lessons in the summer months when the schools were out.

My passion for painting, drawing and teaching, (in oil, pastel, acrylic, and watercolor) and meaningful subjects whether it is Women of War, beautiful sunshine or sunset, a landscape which brings out memories, or an abstract which provokes thoughts has continued during my adult life and after my moving to America (in 2008 to a totally new environment, culture, and norms). Every landscape, event, person/portrait, and/or thought/abstract has a meaning and purpose. And the meaning and purpose becomes my inspiration and subject.

I have a story to tell about every one of my paintings. My stories are not necessarily about me. I believe my paintings do and should tell stories about life, whether it is life of the living or the history of the nature or of the history itself.

My paintings have been exhibited in Gulfport and South Pasadena, Florida; Columbus, Ohio; Dubai, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Japan and Iran. I have also taught art in Iran and Ohio through workshops and in private and group settings to adults and children. I currently reside and teach (acrylic, oil, pastel, and watercolor) in private, semi-private and in workshops in Gulfport, Florida.

Call or text:  614-397-3668

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